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5. Printing

The only proper way to 'connect the dots' is to with a printed copy of a puzzle, and a pen or pencil in hand.

You can print your puzzle by creating a PDF version, and then click on the print icon inside Adobe Reader. You can create a PDF for printing from directly inside the puzzle tool, using the  make PDF  button. All saved puzzles can also be printed by everyone via the 'PDF to Print' link on a puzzle's information page.

All puzzles are automatically scaled to fill the paper as best as they can. Horizontal oriented puzzles are rotated and printed in landscape mode.
You can draw in details on the print out that you left out with the puzzle maker tool.

When saved puzzles are printed, the hint (if any) and the author's username appear at the bottom of the print out, but not the puzzle title -- that might give away the surprise.

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