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4. Saving

When you decide you're finished making your puzzle, you should save it. You don't have to save the puzzle you make to print it, but it's recommended if you're proud of it. Why not share with everyone else?

Saving a finished puzzle is very quick. From the puzzle maker click on the  save & share  button in the puzzle maker tool. You'll be taken to page where you'll be asked for some information:
  • Title: the name of your puzzle -- this is the only information that's required
  • Hint: a short word or phrase that appears on the bottom of the printed puzzle
  • Tags: keywords to make it easier for others to find your puzze. For example, a tennis racket puzzle might have the tags racket, sports, and tennis.
  • Description
If you're a registered user, you can change the title, description, and tags of your puzzles. Just click on "Edit This Puzzle Info" from the puzzle information page. You can also delete your puzzles.
picturedots will continue to add features in the future for saved puzzles, such as user comments, and a count of views for each saved puzzle.

After you save your puzzle, copy the URL of the puzzle information page to link to a puzzle from another web page.

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