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Creating a dot to dot puzzle is similiar to creating a drawing without picking up your pencil. Imagine making a drawing with just a single line. It's easy with simple shapes...
big star

Try it now.
This page has been "dot-enabled". Just about everywhere you click will make a new numbered dot. Start by clicking around the outline of the star to the left. If you want to clear the dots, just reload the page.

dog It's more difficult with complex shapes.
More complicated shapes and photos take practice. You should pay attention to your start and end points, which give you an opportunity to have lines that end.

Here's an example of how a puzzle could be created from the dog photo. View the PDF to see in more detail.

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The harder to guess the puzzle, the more enjoyment that others will get from doing the puzzle on paper.

Try to use as few points as possible. The fewer dots in your puzzle, the more difficult it will be for others to guess. One way to reduce the number of points is to just use two points for a straight line.



Choosing a starting point can be very important. The start and end points are your only places where your line ends.

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